Free Templates

More than one hundred free–of–charge blog/CMS themes to select from

Within the hosting Control Panel there is also a a great many completely free web site layouts for your Wordpress personal weblog or Joomla site. Just browse through the design skins, select the one that you like then download it on your computer with a mouse click. If you make use of the one–click App Installer tool to set up Joomla or WordPress, you will notice the site layouts listed in the final step of the installation process.

Website Builder

Create your personal or business websites with a click of the mouse

Getting published online is unbelievably easy with the Free Website Building Instrument built into your Hosting Control Panel. All you need to do is choose a theme from our collection of 100+ business and personal themes then upload your web site content (images, textual content, etcetera) with a single mouse click. In order to bring your web site online, just hit the Publish button. It is that simple. You may use the builder for all the domain names within your hosting account.

Web App Installer

A fast installation of personal blogs, photo galleries, etc.

Thanks to the single–click App Installer tool incorporated into the Hosting Control Panel, you can bring your very own fully fledged site online in a matter of seconds. With a mouse click, your personal diary, discussion board, online photo gallery or web store will be set up and will be ready for use. Select your web app, specify a few details pertaining to your new web site and push the Install button. We will handle everything else for you! Over 40 apps are present for you to pick out from.

Data Backups

Lost your site content? Turn to our backup solution

When posted on the net, your website content is a potential subject to hack assaults. It could be affected even by your own personal unintentional actions. If you turn to us, there is nothing to worry about, considering that we maintain a backup copy of your website content, which can restored whenever you want. Also, you could create manual back–up copies of your entire site with just a mouse click through the File Manager, which is integrated into the Hosting Control Panel. The system will save all files and will save them in an archive file, which will be kept in your web hosting account.

24x7 Support

Round–the–Clock Technical Support

Our team of expert support engineers will be available twenty–four–seven for any issues that you may have regarding our shared web hosting solutions. No matter whether you’re in need of advice or have a significant problem to resolve, we are here to help you. You can reach us via e–mail or via the ticket system. A 1–hour response is guaranteed. You can also call us or use our live chat service during work hours.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Manage your web sites with a mouse click

It’s now very easy to attain complete control of all your sites with the state–of–the–art Hosting Control Panel that we’ve built for you with ease of use in mind. Manage all your website files with simple drag & drop movements, register, transfer and manage numerous domain names from one location, create email mailboxes straight away, run e–mail marketing campaigns without difficulty, create & access your databases with a single click, keep track of website statistics real–time, etc.. Advanced features like an .htaccess generator, a framework installer and a hotlink protection tool are available too.

Scripting Support

Python. Perl. PHP. PostgreSQL. MySQL

Develop a PHP–driven site. Write a Python web app. Utilize the capabilities of over nine thousand Perl modules. Keep your data in MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. Set up InnoDB tables. Use remote MySQL connections. You can do all that and even more using any of the shared web hosting packages that we’re offering. There are no extra fees – it is all included in your cloud web hosting plan from the beginning.

True Cloud Platform

We have designed our own highly customizable shared web hosting system using the newest enterprise–class technologies. With each service (DNSs, e–mail messages, databases, web apps, etc.) taken care of by a separate machine, your website content will operate in the cloud and will be completely shielded from occasional network downtimes and service disruptions.

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