Super–fast website load speeds for your visitors from the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Africa

With us, you can host your websites and applications in a leading–edge datacenter outside Coventry, UK. In this way, your web sites will be nearer to your Europe–based target visitors and will load faster on their devices in comparison with sites hosted in the United States, for instance. The UK Servers datacenter provides the highest level of security and is manned 24/7 by skilled admins who maintain the web hosting servers to ensure a 99.9 percent uptime.

In our British datacenter you are able to host all sorts of web sites – from hobby blogs and small–business sites to resource–heavy online photo albums and commercial sites. Our company offers you a variety of Linux shared web hosting packages packages, so you will be able to choose the one that is best suited for your present and future needs. All hosting plans feature a 30–day money–back guarantee and are backed up by a 24–7 client care service. You can pick the UK data center right after you select your web hosting plan on the order page.

United Kingdom Linux VPS Packages

At MJ Webco, we also offer United Kingdom Linux VPS Packages. All Virtual Private Servers located in our UK data center are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24/7/365 technical support service. Our United Kingdom Linux VPS Packages feature NVMe disks, which makes them faster than the speed of sound, particularly as far as read and write speeds are concerned. Plus, because they are physically located in our UK data center, with every United Kingdom Linux VPS Packages, you will enjoy top–flight connectivity with the rest of Europe and Africa.